The Text Book was a seminal instructional manual and History of Science published nearly 45 years ago. Between its covers the essence of non-evidenced Science could be found, along with anecdotes about the people and personalities who built the ideas which drove 20th Century thinking.
After making his fortune Henry Mordant had dedicated himself to locating and preserving in his specially-built Foundation Library, every last copy of The Text Book, in an attempt to dominate and manipulate scientific publishing (Science That Never Was will be publishing a Short Life edition of the famous, late reclusive's embargoed biography
To Dye For later this year, pending legal settlement)
In 1998 a terrible fire, the cause of which is still the subject of speculation, (Science That Never Was has unreservedly withdrawn all previously-made allegations following discussions with the Foundation's legal representatives earlier this year) tore through the Mordant Foundation Library where the few remaining copies of this masterwork were stored, destroying, it was thought at the time, every last book. However, recent excavations by the Foundation, as they prepare to re-build the library, unearthed a damaged fireproof safe in which a waterlogged copy of The Text Book was found. It is currently undergoing a full restoration, and we are proud and privileged to have some images from the conservators' work to date, as part of our new detente with the Foundation...
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