ORIGINAL SOURCE: Allegory H. (1938) Structural lesions in prototopical phylomes: a multi-species approach. PhD thesis. University of Stellgarder, Mannheiser.
This image of wide and neo-distal LD-elements Harry Allegory found before he fled Nazi Germany at the end of 1938 remained unseen until allied troops entered Mannheiser in mid-1945. Allegory was a sergeant in the first wave of troops to enter the city, and was nearly court-marshalled for breaking ranks to go and find the negatives he had hidden behind a drawer before leaving. He had feared a search en route would label him a spy, and result in his incarceration for the duration of the imminent conflict. The senior officer drafted in to hear the case at the preliminary hearing had turned out to be the eminent pre-war phylomologist Ernest 'Meta' Ford. The hearing deteriorated into a shouted dispute about the existence of LD-elements, which ended with the local photographer being forced to print the negatives and brandies all round when Ford conceded on the understanding that both he, and the photographer would be co-authors of the first paper Allegory published after the war. Sadly the formerly teetotal Allegory died from an allergic reaction to the brandy two days later.