SOURCE: New York Daily Bulletin: Science Supplement June 30th 2012
Prof. Hortense Plangent receives backing for bio-farm in Central Park.
Controversial geneticist Plangent is to open a genetic engineering facility in New York's Central Park in Spring 2011. Protestors at the zoning meeting were threatened with 'gene spray' claimed one activist. Science That Never Was understands the facility will not, for the first 3 years, be allowed to clone human material without specific permission from its Board, chaired by Dr. Plangent. Plangent replied to recent criticism that she was cloning human material in her Minneapolis facility (left) by saying she is "a people sort of person."
SOURCE: Press release: Mattingen University, Wahoma City, NA., USA. May 21st 2012
Organic beef found to contain Varley folds - "Previous molecular models in doubt" - Prof. Shellig Parntzen.
The 'organic better or same?' debate was today further ignited by a press conference at Mattingen University on the outskirts of Wahoma City, home to food giant Nopple-Cregg, maker of foods as diverse as House Chocolate bars and most household breakfast cereals, including Poot! and Alert!
Prof. Shellig Parntzen showed clear evidence that organic beef contained Varley folds (left), the usual indicators of digestive volition in mammals. When asked if her research was tainted by her apparent links to Nopple-Cregg a characteristically robust Prof. Parntzen said, 'Here at Mattingen we have worked hard to be independent, and continue to do so.' When pressed by several journalists about funding sources for the project she refused to comment further and left for the Nopple-Cregg sponsored Mattingen canteen to breakfast on '... a factory-farmed beefsteak sandwich. Anyone coming, my treat?'
Science That Never Was regulars will recall Professor Partnzen's involvement in the viral fish growth scandal which rocked Belgium in 2007
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