SOURCE: Direct communication: S-Labs to STNW offices. July 14th 2012
STNW has just received this image from a private laboratory, thought to be somewhere in the Pacific. It shows how Triangulated Emission Riposte (TER) phenomena, at least with the usual e-Normality precepts, can display all the usual profile elements seen more easily with local structures.
The lab has embargoed technical details until further notice. However, they did state that a viurnal current approaching 14 MvGf was used, and that the apparatus did not survive the experiment.

STNW has tried unsuccessfully, on several occasions to secure direct communication with the lab's Director after similar key scientific breakthroughs which S-Labs have chosen to release through STNW. Although we are not in a position to reveal all our evidence at present, we can confirm that sources suggest the lab's enormous patent catalogue pays for many different types of non-scientific work across the globe.

The world's leading (known) expert on TER, Professor Hallis Wallace, said that if the data which arrived at the STNW offices yesterday can be replicated, the work would lead to the development of many industrial spin-offs. In an aside he later agreed we could publish, Wallace added "That's me - Think I'll go fishing." This was thought to be a reference to his career now all major TER unknowns are known.
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