Harry Allegory and the Stuff in the Drawer

When Sergeant harry Allegory rode into Mannheister in a Jeep in 1945, he could not wait to retrieve the photogrphic negatives he had hidden there before the war. He jumped outof the Jeep and the rest is history.
This account, though, sheds ight on the bitter scientific disputes which overtook his court martial.
The court martial ended with prosecutor and accused shouting across a confused courtroom about, as Prosecutor Ford put it "...those damned LD-Elements..."
About Peter Allegory and Jo Ford
Allegory Jnr. and Jo Ford met at a peace rally in Washington DC in the dog days of the Vietnam war. In a confessional exchange they discovered they were both Army brats whose parents thought they were at a softball match. It was not until Allegory Jnr. took Jo home to meet the folks that the longstanding relationship between the familes was revealed to them both.
Peter and Jo are married with two children and live in Maine. Jo works for The Mordant Foundation, currently leading The Text Book Restoration Project