Kaiser Miser - How Silicon Valley was nearly founded in 1940s Bavaria

Zeitgeist's account of how a hard-up Head of State inadvertently prevented the Third Reich from becoming the leaders of the coming Digital Age. This book is a chilling reminder of how close we came to digital dictatorship. Kaiser Willhelm had all the trappings of wealth and status, but when approached privately by Third Reich scientists he was unable to provide the money which Hitler had already refused.

If you enjoyed Marlene's Lab Coat, you'll love Kaiser Miser
About Dietrich Zeitgeist
Zeitgeist was born in 1949, under the shadow of parents who had escaped Nuremberg, but carried its stigma. He became interested in Nazi science, believing, from many half-remembered domestic conversations during his early childhood, that there was much more to be uncovered about the scientific advances made under Hitler. After a distinguished career in cell biology (he has several contributions cited in the Mordant Foundation Text Book) he turned in later years to the family archives from which this book grew. Zeitgeist was tragically killed in a fall whilst 2009 retreiving papers from a high shelf at the family home in Clatterhausen.